Hi there, I'm Alicia!


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In 2013 I left my home in the UK for a solo adventure to Australia. I was 28. I quit my job, moved out of my apartment, kissed my friends and family goodbye; and off I went. Just me and a suitcase.​

Feeling nervous, excited, and completely free, I was unsure where this adventure would lead, but I was ready to find out! ​One year quickly turned into six, and I found myself living and working in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada; travelling to nearby countries in between and having the time of my life!

Amongst other things, this experience taught me that when we live our truths, life can be incredible. When we allow ourselves to be guided by our inner voice and to live authentically, magic happens.

Happy Healthy Vibes was created as a platform to share all things travel and wellness related, with the intent to encourage authenticity and inspire self-belief and positive mindset.

I strongly believe that with a healthy combination of self-belief and action, we can do anything we wish. I'm also a big believer in encouraging and supporting others as we face the ups and downs of this journey together. We all deserve to live our very best lives ♡

I hope you enjoy my growing content and I'd love to hear from you if you have a moment to comment!

Alicia Xx​