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Messages from the universe.

On the left of this image is 28 year old me, a week before I jetted off on a solo adventure to Australia. I'd just cleaned my apartment and walked out of there with the last of my belongings. I snapped a quick picture with the suitcase I'd soon be packing my life into. On the right is 33 year old me, in Jasper, Alberta, where I came across an identical mirror in a gift shop, over 4000 miles away.

I thought of the many times I'd looked into my old mirror as a single girl with big dreams. And there I was, looking into the "same" mirror as a non-single girl with even bigger dreams.

It felt as though this mirror had been placed back in front of me as a reminder. A reminder of two things: 1. Life really is what we make of it. It's happening NOW and it's ours to pursue. If there's something we want to do (big or small), just do it! There may never be a "right" time. Life's an adventure!

And 2. A reminder to pause once in a while and appreciate how far we've come on our journeys. To recognise how life's changed for us, and how we've grown. We live our lives day to day and so it's easy to take that growth in our stride and not realise what we've actually achieved over time, and how awesome we are. Those times we feel stuck and like we're getting nowhere or we're not where we want to be - that's because we're constantly pushing the goal posts! It's not due to our lack of progress, but as a result of our growth.

We've come so far and we didn't even realise. Kinda like floating on a lake and suddenly thinking, whoa, how did I end up so far from the shore?! We're exactly where we need to be right now. Even if we feel like we're going backwards, sometimes that's a necessary part of moving forwards. As they say, it's during the times we feel uncomfortable that we achieve the most growth.

Life can be hard. But we can do hard things! So take a self appreciation moment and hold your head up high before marching boldly on.

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