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You're fabulous, don't you forget that.

Updated: Jan 13

“Don't shrink your dreams. Super-size your courage and abilities.” Karen Salmansohn. This quote is one of my faves. How many of us know there's more out there for us, but for one reason or another, we think it's not achievable. Or we think big dreams are for "other people". We tell ourselves, either consciously or subconsciously, that it's not possible for us because (insert here reasons why you shouldn't pursue your dreams), and we carry on underselling ourselves and living a life that isn't completely true to who we are.

Well, here's a little reminder >>> you ARE good enough, you CAN do it, and you have just as much chance of success as ANYONE else - as long as you believe it to be true

Yes – YOU!

The first step is to acknowledge those thoughts and negative messages. Scarily, we may have just accepted them to be true without realising, and so we haven't even given ourselves the chance to challenge them or recognise that, actually, they aren’t true at all.

When I catch myself feeling this way, I acknowledge this thought process and I challenge it. What do you think makes you different, or less likely to succeed in achieving your dreams? Really think about what’s stopping you and come up with a counter argument. Often these thoughts are hiding away in the subconscious mind waiting to tell you you’re not good enough. Well it’s time to tell yourself that you are. In fact, you're much more than "good enough". You're you, and that's pretty damn special!

That’s not to say it’s going to be an easy ride, but it also shouldn’t mean “I can’t”. People who live their dreams will always have doubts and fears to overcome. That’s just part of it. Challenging yourself to step outside of your comfort zone is scary. But it’s also the only way you’ll grow and make the most of this precious life, which can be full of opportunity if you let it.

So dream big and create a colourful vision board full of your goals. Journal as though you’re already living your dream life, stick positive daily affirmations around your home, listen to an empowering playlist, and be grateful for the little things.

Whatever gets you fired up and takes you closer to your dreams – do that!

Eagle Bluffs, BC, Canada
Eagle Bluffs, BC, Canada

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